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2024 AI Image Club


Join the club! It will be a fun year of creating Artificial Intelligence images from your smart phone or tablet.

Class Example Image Join any time!
'Memberships are per calendar year**

Ricky Tims invites you to the new

2024 Artificial Intelligence Image Club. 
Start Dec 31, 2023

Watch the trailer and view the sample images!

Each week a topic will be issued and the club members will use their own prompts to create and submit images. 

• OCCASIONAL LIVE INTERACTIVE ZOOM WEBINARS (will be recorded for later viewing)
• EXPLORING VARIOUS AI APPS (both iPhone and Android)

Use word prompts to create amazing imagery.
Photography is not required, but can be used. 
Various apps will be explored*. 
Tutorials are offered.
Do it from the comfort of your chair!

The fun will be seeing the various imagery that come from one spark of an idea. Images are primarily created from your smart phone or tablet in a matter of seconds. 
Don’t be deceived, you might find yourself getting lost in a rabbit hole. 

* Members joining during the year will have access to all previous challenges and tutorials prior to joining. Renewals are always at the start of the calendar year regardless of how many months have passed prior to joining.

**apps generally have a free trial period, but are subscription based. Participants must choose which apps to which they wish to subscribe and use. The annual cost of each app can range from $29 to $89 annually, with $29-$39 being the median pricing.

NOTE: My role is that of part-teacher, part-facilitator, and host of the platform that allows us to connect and share information and images. I don’t plan to be the guru that "knows it all." I’m excited to be learning too.

Q: Can I use my own photos as image inspiration?
A: Yes, absolutely, when that seems the best way to go in generating your challenge response image.

Q: Can I use my laptop/desktop instead of smart device.
A: Yes, although the initial guidance will be from the smart devices. We, as a club, will learn from each other. We will gain knowledge from within our community. Sharing how YOU generated your image will be important so that other apps can be exposed within the group.

This is in no way a quilting class, but as many of Ricky's virtual friends are's a bonus. If you are a quilter who loves to make pictorial quilts, but don’t feel you can paint or draw, this is the perfect way to create your own designs for inspiration without resorting to works by other artists and reaching out for permission to use their work.

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Included in the Class

11 video lessons