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Photo Summit 2021


Join Ricky Tims for a fun gathering of photographers for the first Photo Summit!

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$349 Registration
Limited to 70 registrants
Fee is for Photo Summit registration. All events, lectures, and presentations are included with your registration. The Francisco Center for the Performing Arts is our small, but well-suited meeting space, with comfortable terraced, movie-theater seating.

Lodging and meals are not included
Monday Night 
7:00PM The Sensational Swanky Soirée (Meet and Greet)
6:45am            Sunrise shooting (optional)
9am - 10am     Assembly and Orientation
10am - noon    Morning Photo Adventure
1:30pm - 3pm  Workshops 1 & 2
3pm - 5pm        Afternoon Photo Adventure
6pm                  Golden Hour
7:30-8:30          Photographer’s Showcase
6:45am             Sunrise shooting (optional)
9am - 10am      Workshop 3
10am - noon      Morning Photo Adventure
1:30pm - 3pm    Workshops 4 & 5
3pm - 5pm          Afternoon Photo Adventure
6pm                   Golden Hour
7:30-8:30           Photographer’s Showcase
6:45                   Sunrise shooting (optional)
9am - 10am       Workshop 6
10am - noon      Morning Photo Adventure
3pm - 5pm         Final Photographer’s Showcase

Capturing the Spanish Peaks Region: From an Artist’s Viewpoint 
Judit Baker Montano
Join Judith Baker Montano on a virtual photographic journey around the beautiful La Veta area and Spanish Peaks Region. Jude has been creating a visual record of her town and surrounding area for over twenty-five years. Her images will help you fall in love with the scenery, the old buildings, and the people that make up this amazing valley. Jude is less technically inclined and relies on her training as a painter.  Her mentor and art teacher, Bill Johnson, taught her how to "see" and to set up photographs following the rules of painting. He often said, "If you don't have the eye, all the expensive gear is not going to make a good picture”. Enjoy seeing Jude’s inspiring images as she reinforces the basics and the importance of good framing and composition.

Judith Baker Montano is an award-winning and world-renowned Canadian fiber artist, photographer, author, designer, and teacher. Photographers will recognize her work as being thoughtfully conceived and beautifully captured. 
Judith is recognized as the consummate expert in crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, and embellishments. Her free-form fiber landscapes, seascapes, and underwater projects incorporate all aspects of art and needlework techniques. She has been featured in international and national magazines and television shows. Her work has been featured at art museums such as The Denver Art Museum and the La Conner Quilt Museum. Judith has appeared on the Carol Duval Show, Simply Quilts, The Quilt Show and Good Morning Australia. Judith was presented with the "Governor General's Centennial Award of Canada" in recognition for her artwork as a Canadian living abroad.

A la Rocky: 
Just Because I Can—I Did! 
Rocky Wells

We are all committed and inquisitive students in the “Ricky Tims photography classroom of life” and as such, we are constantly seeking new and inventive ways to express ourselves with our weekly topics and submissions. Sometimes, trying something different may prove to be beyond our self-imposed exploratory limitations due to the fear that “doing something different with our photos may not be accepted...or even liked”. I hope to expand your comfort zone in photo-editing with “outside the box” tips and tricks and sharing some of my favorite photo-editing software programs. This is NOT meant to change you to my way of approaching photography, but rather to introduce you to a non-purist and whimsical approach to possibly add to your photography editing repertoire. Get ready to be a “rebel” and walk on the wild side of photo manipulation where you too can then proclaim: “Just because I can, I did” and boy was it fun!!

Rocky never felt he could become a “creative type” of person, but he discovered that digital photography and photo manipulation somehow allowed him to become “artsy” and subsequently change that ill-perceived notion. Although he has dabbled in photography his entire life his wife Gayle convinced him to take Ricky Tims' La Veta Photography Workshop in June 2014 where he began to focus on the seemingly endless possibilities of the digital photography realm. Over the years he developed his own “a la Rocky” style. Some of the influences have been, his home state of Florida, his 6 beautiful grandchildren, and, of course, listening to his wife’s advice. He uses the approach of “playing” until it pleases HIS eye – remembering, it’s not a contest!  

Intro to Wild Things and Stellar Nights
Warren Lee
‘Intro to Wild Things and Stellar Nights’ is a brief overview to critters in motion with some birds-in-flight (BIFs) and night photography—with an emphasis on the Milky Way. Warren will share his reliable approaches to capturing wildlife and offer his tried and true methods for capturing the celestial realm after dark. 

Warren is an enthusiastic amateur photographer living in the desert southwest. He claims to be a perpetual student of the school of countless trials and errors. His father initially ‘exposed’ him to film photography and B&W darkroom work. His father-in-law provided lessons on ‘double exposure’ via digital photography using Lightroom and a hand-me-down Nikon D40X.   Warren's wife signed him up for Ricky’s classes which he feels taught him new skills and routinely forced me out of my comfort zone. Warren admits to feeling remarkably blessed to be able capture and share the amazing natural beauty around us - especially birds in flight and the magnificent night sky.
Optional Field Trip - Milky Way Photography
Weather permitting, Warren will lead an optional field trip for Milky Way photography while the galactic core is still up after sunset. You may also trek out on your own for a unique perspective and foreground. If you are interest please pack: 
     •  a reliable tripod (it can be windy on the front range),
     •  wide angle lens (14-24mm class @ f/2.8 preferred),
     •  wired cable release (self timer is a fallback solution)
[Sunset will be ~1845 hrs.  Milky Way will be near vertical to the SSW.   Best viewing of the galactic core will be 2000-2130 hrs with Jupiter and Saturn clearly visible to the SSE] 


Birds of a Feather Prey Together! 
Gail Garber
Charismatic megafauna! Birds of prey engage and captivate audiences of all ages, including Gail, a hard core quilter. At the Photo Summit, during prescribed times, you will have the opportunity to meet some of the Hawks Aloft avian ambassadors that represent their wild brethren and learn about their unique stories and behaviors. Get up close with these birds to capture detailed shots not usually possible—and yet still respecting their personal space. Bring your longest lens to capture that perfect shot. Gail will cover tips and techniques for photographing captive birds as well as birds in the wild.  

Gail Garber hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is well-known through the quilting industry. Quilting began as a whim, when friends convinced her to take a hand-quilting class and quilting quickly became a passion. Her quilts have won awards at shows throughout the U.S. and have been featured in publications worldwide. She is the author of three books and numerous magazine articles. Her passion for photography has perfectly integrated into her artistic endeavors and it now plays a significant role with her other passion—birds of prey. Gail met and fell in love with a captive Red-tailed Hawk over 30 years ago and it changed her life.  

Travel Advisor:
Navigating New Routes Between Lightroom and Photoshop 
with Judy Mitschelen
The usual roundtrip between Lightroom and Photoshop involves a Cmd/Ctrl-E ticket to Photoshop and a Cmd/Ctrl-S ticket for return. This session will explore potential benefits of value-added options, including how to arrive in Photoshop as a Smart Object or with dual windows ready for fine detail editing, and returning to Lightroom prepared to work in “layers” to audition cropping options. Workflow tips for optimizing the combined use of Lightroom, Photoshop, and Adobe Camera Raw as a filter will help prepare you for your next editing journey.

Judy Mitschelen is an Iowa educator who takes pride in helping other people be successful. After graduating from Anderson (IN) University with degrees in elementary education and psychology, she spent her 37-year public school career in a small community where her musical gifts frequently cast her as music director/accompanist for community theater and church activities. 
Concurrent with her primary role of advancing reading/writing attitudes and competencies in middle schoolers, Judy was an adult ed technology instructor for the school district, community college, and state Braille school as well as presenter at state and regional conferences. 
When desire to pursue photography as a retirement hobby intersected with Ricky Tims’ launch of photography classes, Judy dusted off long-forgotten Photoshop 3.0 skills and started catching up on the advancements in the digital art world. She enjoys discovering new methods, sometimes by accident, and sharing the magic with others. 
Additional Info
Lunch breaks are 1:30, and longer if you cut your morning adventure short. Dinner breaks are 2:30 provided you are not choosing to shoot during the golden hour. That choice is yours.
Sunrise shooting, is listed as a suggestion for the early birds who find morning magic to be favorable. It is optional.
Shooting during Golden Hour is not as a requirement. It’s a reminder that the light can be amazing during that time of the afternoon.
For the daily “photo adventures” you will be provided a list of suggested photo locations. You will choose where you wish to go - and for however long you wish to shoot. You may team up with friends, or navigate about on your own. You are also more than welcome to scout out your own locations.
Fun challenges and a photo scavenger hunt will be issued during the course of the summit.
Editing time is at your discretion as it fits into the framework of the schedule. You will be given a daily upload link(s) to upload your photos for the daily Photographer’s Showcase and the Final Photographer’s Showcase. You may upload at any time once you have the link. The deadline for uploading will be 30 minutes prior to the showcases. 
Workshops Sessions
Some workshops will be presented by myself. There will also be guest presenters. The presenters and topics are not established at this time. I plan to select speakers from those who will be attending. 

The event is limited to 70 due to space restrictions in our little theater (the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts) where lectures will be held. I’ve also provided a little map (at the very bottom) for you to see how compact things will be. Seventy people lodging in La Veta will be pushing the limit of beds available. Should you book late and have problems finding lodging in La Veta, Walsenburg has a nice Best Western hotel on the interstate. You might check for places in Cuchara, which is 12 miles (15 minutes) up the mountain at 8600 ft. La Veta is at 7000 feet.

Also consider checking out area Air BnBs.
$349 - tuition for lectures and syllabus only
I’ve provided a good list of places in La Veta where my students have stayed and received good and positive reviews. Please keep in mind…La Veta is a very small town (only 800 residents). Our proprietors attempt to do their best with what we have available. 
I will note that The Warehouse Suite listed below is a bit different. It is a luxury apartment up a flight of stairs with 4 bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, 2 baths, and laundry. If you create a group of 4 - (or more should anyone want to share a bed), this is a lovely place for a group. You can manage your own meals here.
The Two Fox Cabins are charming, rustic, well maintained, cabins. Some of them also have little kitchenettes which might suit those wishing to cook for themselves at times.
For meals - you will be on your own. Depending on the day, certain places will be available. By September, hours may change, and Covid restrictions lifted. You won’t go hungry. Our grocery market, Charlie’s, has a great deli in the back for lunch items. During the afternoons they usually prepare some dinner items to take away like a roasted chicken or brisket. 
The Dog Bar is a legendary bar and grill in the village of Cuchara (a 15 minute drive up the mountain from La Veta). It’s a must - you will likely find it a great stop if you are shooting up that way for lunch or dinner. Bar and grill fare - nothing fancy - just charming.
Aly’s Restaurant (propounded Alice’s) is as close to a 5 star place as you can get in Southern Colorado - amazing cuisine and a delightful menu that changes daily.
The Legends on Main is a southwest style restaurant right on Main street that has quickly become a local favorite. They offer several daily specials and are open for lunch and dinner.
The Corner’s Diner will have burgers, sandwiches, and other items. It’s primarily open for breakfast and lunch.
The Mission is also a southwest style eatery with burritos, enchiladas, and other non-southwestern items.
The biggest message here is that you will find La Veta charming, but the amenities will require thinking a bit differently. Slow down. There is no stop light - and no fast food joints. The only ’chain store’ in La Veta is our Big R hardware store. The people are friendly and they will welcome you with open arms. The art galleries are a must visit, and there are places where you can find souvenirs and items made in Colorado.
Should you extend your time in La Veta (we end on Thursday night), our Oktoberfest, street fair with vendors, polka band, beer garden, and antique car show, happens on Saturday, October 2.
  • 1899 B&B Inn  
    314 South Main Street
    La Veta, CO
    The 1899 Inn has been in the National Register of Historic Places for over twenty years and is one of La Veta's original quarried sandstone structures. It was fully renovated in 2008. We have 5 rooms upstairs, 2 with private baths and 3 with shared bath. The breakfasts are extremely popular and it is just around the corner from the Francisco Center for the Perfomring Arts.
  • Circle The Wagons RV Park  
    126 W. 2nd
    La Veta, CO
    RV Park with full hookups and even quaint little campers for rent. Conveniently located only four blocks from the Quilt Luminarium venue you will enjoy the sounds of the Cucharas River. 
  • Hardings Corner B&B
    Time comes to a stop; or at least you'll wish it did when visiting La Veta Colorado.
    Harding's Corner is a family Bed & Breakfast in every sense of the word; Sara help you feel at home.
    No Smoking or Pets. Cash or Checks only!
  • 140 West Grand Street, La Veta CO 81055
    For Current Rates and Availability; To Make Your Reservations: 719-742-5423
  • Inn at the Spanish Peaks B&B  
    310 E. Francisco
    La Veta, CO 81055
    This southwestern style, deluxe Bed & Breakfast has 3 Suites. Private Baths and Decks. Full gourmet breakfast. Non-smoking & adult only. It is a short four-block walk from this B&B to the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts.  
  • La Veta Inn  
    103 W Ryus
    La Veta, CO 81055
    Beautiful historic boutique Inn located in the heart of La Veta, featuring 17 updated, rooms and suites that will make you feel right at home. With views of the Spanish Peaks, and overlooking the patio of the new onsite restaurant and bar, Agatha's, you're sure to have an exceptional stay. One block walking distance to the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts. 
  • Two Fox Cabins & RVs  
    404 Oak Street
    La Veta, CO
    Two Fox Cabins & RVs has newly renovated cabins as well as full-hookup RV sites. These quaint, rustic cabins are extremely popular with visitors to La Veta and the Cucharas River runs through the property. Only a two-block walk to the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts. 
  • The Warehouse Suite  
    102 Ryus Ave
    La Veta, CO
    Built in 1903, the Kincaid Building has long been a part of La Veta's history and downtown. The upstairs was once a dance hall, movie theatre, meeting place, even a church! In 2007 it was restored to a 4 bedroom, 2 bath luxury apartment - available for short-term rental. One block walking distance to the event venue.  
  • Best Western Rambler (In Walsenburg 15 minutes east of La Veta)
    457 US Highway 85 87
    Walsenburg, CO
    Located 20 minute drive by car from La Veta in Walsenburg. 
  • I Love Lucy's RV Park  
    226 W. Grand St.
    La Veta, CO 81055
    Offering 27 fully shaded full hook-up sites (20/30amp), Lucy's RV Park has it all: green grass on every site, nice clean showers, and friendly service in this new family-owned business. Located only four blocks from the event venue.
TUITION is $349

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