Online Photography Classes with Ricky Tims

2016 Photo Challenge Part 2


Ricky Tims leads Part 2 (13 weeks) in the continuation of his three-part, 52-week digital photography class focusing on camera techniques, Lightroom, Photoshop, and composition.

Class Example Image Ricky Tims leads Part 2 (13 weeks) of the three-part, 52-week digital photography class.

Only students from the 2016 Part 1 class may register for Part 2. There is no 'early bird' price because the price of the Part 2 class reflects the 75% discount for everyone. As experienced previously, lessons/challenges are posted each week. It is a continuation of camera technique, composition, and software editing.

It is not a requirement that you have completed all of the lessons in Part 1 in order to register for part two. However, registration for this Part 2 will only be open and available for a short time.

Remember once you purchase the class, the lessons are there in your library forever so you can review them at any time in the future.

As a reminder, Part 3 will also be only 13 weeks to finish the year. Part 3 will be $49 per person, but you must have signed up for Part 1 and Part 2 to register for Part 3.

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Included in the Class

9 video lessons
12 lesson downloads